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W E L C O M E     to    W A R M  E A R T H  W O R M  T A T T O O


My booking process :

I only book one month out at a time. To book a tattoo, you can submit a form here. After your form has been approved, you will get a link with my available calendar times.

I primarily tattoo pre-drawn designs, although I will open for custom submissions every few months. Because my tattoo practice is an extension of my art practice, I only take on custom commissions that align with my style and my work.

Most designs are intended to be tattooed once and be unique to the wearer.

Some of the smaller flash designs are available as repeats, or to be repeated in different colors only, and will be marked as such. 

The best way to stay up to date on booking and the release of new designs is to join my email list

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